GRAPHICS SUBMISSIONS ARE OPEN.  Writing submissions are now closed.

Silence  is golden. . .unless, as Paul Simon wrote in his famous song, it  destroys honest, creative expression of our deepest, most essential  truths. Sometimes, silence is best; other times, it’s a deep, dry arroyo  in a desert where no rain has fallen for too long, where nothing can  thrive.  Want to be heard? Send us your graphic art, photography,  poetry, short fiction, and essays.  Work on this and any other topic  will be considered for publication.  Once the fall 2022 issue is filled,  submissions will close until November 1, 2022.

General Submission Guidelines

Simultaneous submissions are accepted.  Please restrict your submissions to the page limits indicated for each type of submission, or unfortunately, your submission will not be reviewed. 

If your submission is selected for online publication, remember the following:

  • You will receive notification via email;
  • Aji will require a brief bio (40-60 words—please don’t send us more!) to accompany your published work.  Please edit your bio carefully.  You may include one link with your bio.  
  • Please send a clear headshot or a professional photo to accompany your bio.  Submissions of writers and artists who fail to do this may not receive review.  
  • We consider only previously unpublished work. Work that has appeared for general reading online has been published already, and so should not be submitted.   
  • Once we accept your piece, you must withdraw it from consideration elsewhere immediately. 
  • Aji will retain first North American serial rights to all material we publish.    We will gladly allow republishing—just ask!
Please send only original, previously unpublished works in a high resolution digital format.  We prefer images of 300 dpi or higher.
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